It’s that time of year. The sniffles start, followed by coughing, runny nose, itchy skin, and watery eyes. That’s right: it’s spring, and seasonal allergies won’t be too far behind.

You have a few choices. Yes, you can take that daily morning pill, and risk feeling drowsy— or, you can holistically support your immune system over the long term, which may help to reduce allergy symptoms over time.

But how is this possible? By trying allergy-fighting herbal supplements, of course. Talk to your doctor about these supplements if you’re tired of leaning on medications so much (though they won’t necessarily replace them).

It might be time to give some of these following spring allergy remedies a try— they may help, according to research.


Not many realize it, but the gateway to good immunity (and thus fighting allergies) can be through the gut. Naturally taking care of your digestive system with the help of probiotics is one of the most effective and gentlest ways to do this.

According to research, taking probiotics may help “modify” the immune system. Probiotics introduce bountiful new gut flora and boost the way your body deals with allergens— including the pollen from spring allergies, too.

Milk Thistle

If you’re familiar with milk thistle, then you know the seeds of the plant are great for the liver and detoxifying. Thanks to its liver benefits, milk thistle does something else that’s quite helpful for spring allergies in particular: it reduces inflammation.!

A compound extracted from milk thistle (called silibinin) may soothe inflammation caused by allergic reactions, according to research. It may also improve breathing and soothe itchiness, and not just for allergies— but for things like asthma and eczema, too.

Reishi Mushroom

Ever heard of reishi? This enormous woodland mushroom is a popular supplement. It’s known to support many different health systems, especially the immune system.

Taking it may help your allergies— that is, if you keep up on it daily. Studies suggest reishi helps lower both inflammation and histamine levels, with histamine being responsible for the sniffles, itchiness, and puffiness you get with spring allergies. As such, an herbal supplement with reishi may definitely be worth a try, even for something like sinusitis or hay fever.


This curry spice may have a lot to offer for allergy sufferers out there. Lots of research already shows turmeric can be one of the most helpful herbal supplements for types of inflammation, like arthritis. But it could help allergy inflammation, too.

One study on animals showed that turmeric helped soothe irritated airways. Sound familiar? That’s right: turmeric could help with spring allergies as well as the discomfort that comes with them. That said, taking turmeric every day could keep those allergies at bay.

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