Daily Activities to Sleep Better at Night

Catching good sleep is everything. We need a strong foundation of rest for so many reasons: our health, our energy, and our sanity. It can even have effects on our heart, mental, and immune health, too.

Some of us struggle chronically with getting enough sleep, and for many reasons. But before you start asking your doctor for sleeping pills, your body might thank you in the long run for trying one of these more simple and natural activities instead to help you sleep better at night.


It may sound odd— but getting a good dose of exercise on the regular could help you sleep better. Some research shows certain types of exercises are especially helpful for getting better sleep at night, especially high intensity ones.

And it goes both ways: if you sleep better, studies similarly show you’ll have more energy to exercise! The ultimate key to both? Just getting started.

Make sure you don’t exercise too late. Workouts within 3 hours prior to sleeping can make you more alert instead, while getting it in earlier may be the perfect thing to tire you out.

Cut Down on Screen Time

It’s a common habit to scroll your feeds or stream content right before bed. You may even do it to help you sleep, too. But this might not be helping you at all!

Studies show too much screen time, especially right before bed, can lead to disturbed and unrestful sleep. If you like binging shows or social media to help you get some shut eye, you may want to limit that amount you do. The blue light effects of your screen might be bringing you more harm than help.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

For many, caffeine is an obvious vice that can really benefit sleep when cut down. But watch out for alcohol, too. Though you might not realize it, alcohol is made up mostly of carbohydrates, which are converted into sugars.

If you drink right before bed, you might wake up with something not unlike a sugar rush! It’s hard to shake the caffeine or alcohol, but at least try to limit its consumption to much earlier in the day: mornings only with coffee, and space alcohol a good number of hours before sleeping.

Try Magnesium

There are tricks and remedies of all kinds for sleep. But one of the health world’s many hidden gems is using the mineral magnesium for sleep.

Research shows magnesium helps the body produce certain neurotransmitters that help us sleep. There are also studies that show restless leg syndrome, a condition that can interfere with sleep, may be caused by magnesium deficiency. Cramping muscles or legs that keep us awake can be helped by magnesium supplements, too.

Good sleep can be a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be— and you don’t always need prescription drugs to help.

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Improve Your Mood, Memory, and Motivation with Better Brain Health

We exercise for heart health, we eat right for smooth digestion, but what do we do for our brains?

Our brains are the powerhouse of our physical bodies and mental health. A healthy brain allows us to live a fruitful life and make memories.

Unfortunately, the brain is also one of the most overworked organs in today’s modern society. We often find ourselves dealing with stress, worry, and sleep deprivation.

As we face times of increased social isolation and uncertainty, it’s especially important to focus on the health of our brains. So let’s take a step back and learn some helpful ways we can live for our brains, rather than against them.

Food for Thought: Diet Tips for Brain Health

You are what you eat, so let’s eat smart and healthy! Our digestive system is so closely tied to our nervous system that it’s even called the “second brain.” Here are some easy diet tips to consider when eating to boost your brain function:

  • Up your intake of fresh, plant-based foods. Fill your plate with vibrant greens, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and whole grains. Limit red meat, processed foods, and fried food. Your brain will thank you!
  • Healthy fats, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, are crucial for brain health. These are found in foods like avocados, olive oil, flaxseed, salmon, halibut, and nuts.
  • A healthy gut makes for a healthy brain. Encourage a healthy gut flora with probiotics and probiotic-rich fermented foods like miso, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, and more.

Dr Tobias Health Tip: don’t have a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acid foods? Try our Amazon best-selling Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement instead. One serving a day provides you with 1,400 mg of omega-3’s to support brain function.

Mindful Memories: Mental Health Tips for Brain Health

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. In fact, our mental health can have powerful long-term impacts on brain function – for better or for worse. Incorporate these mental health tips into your daily routine to improve your brain health and overall wellbeing:

  • Get 7-9 hours of quality sleep a day. Sleep plays a large role in brain health, helping us to solidify new skills, store memories and be productive. Without proper sleep, we are at risk of developing poor brain function and are more likely to develop depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.
  • To save your brain, reduce stress. Stress wreaks havoc on our over-active brains and can lead to brain fog, memory loss, and poor overall mental health. Make stress relief a habit by scheduling your favorite ways to relieve stress (walking, yoga, painting, cleaning, movies, anything!) right into your daily or weekly routine.
  • If there’s one exercise that can give you mental superpowers, it’s meditation. Meditation is a simple way to care for your brain daily and studies show it can enhance brain function and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and prevent degenerative brain disorders. It’s a no-brainer!

Dr Tobias Health Tip: new to meditation? Our team loves the mobile apps Headspace and Insight Timer. They offer free courses with targeted sessions for sleep, anxiety, stress and more.

Live Brilliantly: Lifestyle Tips for Brain Health

What does a day in the life of a perfectly nourished brain look like? Clear, focused, creative, and calm. Here are our tips to live life brilliantly in the name of brain health:

  • Focus your priorities on what really matters. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to do everything, but prioritizing helps us accomplish more, stress less, and protect our brain.
  • Learn something new. Keeping our brains healthy means exercising them, and there’s no better way than to pick up a new skill, hobby, language, or even just a new book. Especially as we practice social isolation!
  • Physical exercise keeps our bodies fit and our brains sharp. Maintaining a regular exercise habit has shown to reduce mental health issues like depression and anxiety and enhance cognitive function.

Ginkgo Biloba: The Brain’s Best Friend

When it comes to boosting our brain health, there’s one special ingredient that makes a big difference – ginkgo biloba. Studies have shown that the ancient Ginkgo biloba tree may be one of the best herbal supplements available to enhance our brain health and memory support.

Dr Tobias Memory Support is made up of Ginkgo biloba, St. John’s Wort, Bacopa Monnieri and other herbs designed to support your memory, clarity and focus.

Support Your Brain from the Inside Out

Are you ready to make better choices for your brain? We’re here to help with our Memory Support, Probiotics, and Omega-3 Fish Oil formulas for better brain health, naturally.

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Jump Start Spring With These 5 Cleanses

Spring has officially sprung! As we all spend more time indoors, we’re sure everyone is taking the time to thoroughly clean and organize their homes. But what about taking the time to cleanse our bodies? 

If winter has left you feeling sluggish, bloated, foggy, or maybe just tired, we recommend a cleanse to give your body the ultimate refresh from the inside out.

Here are 5 cleanses that will leave you feeling reset and refreshed:

1. Colon 14 Day Cleanse

As an Amazon Best Seller with over 26,000 reviews, the Colon 14 Day Cleanse tops our list for spring cleanses.

By aiding digestion and clearing waste, our 14-day cleanse gives your digestive system the ultimate reboot. It supports healthy energy levels, toxin removal and even weight loss. This formula includes the finest herbs, fibers and probiotics to help free the intestinal tract of excess waste, supporting healthy bowel movements and alleviating bloating.

Dr Tobias Health Tip: You’ll be taking more trips to the washroom so now’s the perfect time to do it while we’re all at home! Make sure to read our 6 tips for an effective colon cleanse blog post before getting started.

2. Liver 21 Day Cleanse

The liver’s job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body. It helps fight infections and removes natural waste products and other harmful substances, like alcohol and toxins, from your bloodstream.

Our Liver 21 Day Cleanse is a unique formula designed to cleanse and repair this vital organ. It’s made up of natural ingredients like artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle and proteolytic enzymes for a gentle yet effective cleanse.

The main ingredient, Solarplast (chloroplast extract from spinach leaf), provides high concentrations of energy molecules harnessing the power of plants’ chloroplast to help cleanse and repair the liver.

Dr Tobias Health Tip: Liver detoxing doesn’t have to involve an extreme diet or juice cleanse. A gentler approach can be taken by including more whole foods into your diet which have been known to benefit the liver. We’ve compiled a list of our top 6 liver detoxifying foods.

3. Candida Support

Candida is the most common cause of fungal infections in humans. Candida overgrowth can result in increased fungal infections, chronic fatigue, skin issues like eczema, and even mood changes.

We designed Candida Support to help detox, cleanse, and balance proper candida levels in the body for optimal health and energy levels. It’s a powerful blend of herbs & enzymes (like oregano leaf, aloe vera and reishi mushroom) that work together to fight candida overgrowth.

By supporting intestinal flora, you can ensure not only a healthier digestive system but a stronger immune system as well.

4. Kidney Support

Our kidneys play a vital role in removing waste and excess fluids from our bodies. Dr Tobias Kidney Support provides your kidney and bladder with the support they both need to work at optimal levels. It’s made up of natural ingredients including cranberry extract, astragalus root, and a variety of herbs to support the body’s natural detoxification process.

5. Lung Health

Healthy lungs play a large role in overall health and well-being. Did you know we take more than 6 million breaths a year? The main role of your lungs is to take oxygen from the environment and transfer it to the bloodstream.

Dr Tobias Lung Health, our advanced respiratory support formula, has 10 active ingredients that work to cleanse and detox your lungs. Vitamins C & K-1, butternut extract, quercetin, and more work together to help cleanse your bronchial system and keep you breathing comfortably all year round. 

Supporting your Cleanse

Make the most of your spring cleanse by supporting it with a healthy diet filled with whole foods high in dietary fiber like fruits, vegetables and legumes. Aim for 8 hours of sleep every night so your body can rest and regenerate healthy new cells. Incorporate some daily exercise to sweat out any lingering toxins and further support digestion. And drink as much water as you can! Water is a cleanser’s best friend. Keep your water bottle close and stay hydrated! 

We hope these tips help you out. Remember, our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products. Simply email your questions to support@drtobias.com

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7 Immune-Boosting Herbs & Supplements

Most of us know the importance of having a strong immune system. It’s foundational to all aspects of health as it curbs chronic inflammation, fights infection, and keeps us from getting sick.

That being said, it’s important to know how you can give your own immune system a boost. We’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations.


This golden root is one of the world’s most popular immune boosters. Studies show its properties for immunity are hard to beat.

Turmeric may help the body fight viruses like colds and flu, while keeping strep, staph, and even Candida at bay. It may even support the body while dealing with HIV or HPV. It also helps inflammation, such as in arthritis.

Turmeric is often taken in supplement form. That’s why turmeric is a key ingredient in our Immune Daily formula. We have an exclusive turmeric supplement, too.


Garlic is just as healthy as a supplement as it is food. It’s come a long way as a folk remedy for coughs, colds, and flu.

Studies today support its use for protecting the body from inflammation, strengthening the immune system, and even combating bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other pathogens that could harm us.

That’s why we’ve included it in our Immune Daily formula.

Reishi Mushroom

You might not find reishi mushroom in your kitchen pantry, like turmeric or garlic. But that doesn’t make it any less a powerful immune healer.

For thousands of years (and still today), reishi has been used to empower the immune system in various ways. Its properties are so strong, it’s even considered useful for supporting the body and reducing the risk of cancer, according to research. Find Reishi Mushroom in our Immune Daily!

Olive Leaf

You’ve probably had olive oil. But have you ever tried olive leaf?

This overlooked part of the olive tree is incredibly antioxidant-rich. And this means it has benefits for the immune system: more specifically, it is known to help balance immune inflammation, and helps support immune-related inflammatory illnesses (like autoimmune conditions).

Psssst: olive leaf is also in our Immune Daily.


Boosting immunity isn’t all about herbs and botanicals. If you want to support your immune system, it’s a good idea to support the gut, too.

Gut microbes can be the “gatekeepers” to the immune system in some ways. One of the best ways to do this: care for your gut through probiotics, according to studies. Prebiotics can be a great primer for both the gut and immunity, too — and we have unique formulas for each.

  1. Dr Tobias Probiotics 30 Billion
  2. Dr Tobias Prebiotics
  3. Dr Tobias Deep Immune Probiotics & Prebiotics
  4. Dr Tobias Probiotics for Women


Immune health is nothing without the basic vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy.

In fact, many essential nutrients are antioxidants that play a role in naturally keeping our immune systems healthy. These include vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and others.

Find them together in our Adult Multivitamin (a vegan formula made from 42 whole fruits, vegetables, and plant-based enzymes!).

Finally — getting proper sleep, eating well, exercising, and moderating sugar consumption can all contribute to a stronger immune system.

Are You Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle?

February is American Heart Health Month. Though it only comes once a year, it’s a great time to touch up on important heart health tips for your self-care routine.

These 4 tips are the most recommended by heart health organizations, doctors, and nutritionists to boost your heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease — no matter the time of year.

And best of all: these can each be done at home.


Eating well is instrumental to heart health. You don’t need a nutritionist to keep up a heart-healthy diet.

Stick with the basics: plenty of low sugar fruits, vegetables (of all colors), nuts, and complex carbohydrate grains (like quinoa) are fantastic foods. It’s important to focus on beneficial fats (Omega 3 fatty acids), too.

If you’re not eating a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acid foods (like fatty fish and nuts) consider adding an Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement to your diet. Vegan? Opt for Black Cumin Seed Oil. It’s a great plant-based alternative, and very high in beneficial fatty acids that protect heart health, too.

And don’t forget: stock up on plenty of fiber-rich foods and antioxidants, both of which curb inflammation and reduce blood vessel and heart disease risks.


Remember: the heart is a muscle. You need to use it!

Just like going to the gym to work out your upper body for better strength, working out your heart will help it become both stronger and healthier. It will also help keep blood pressure healthy, too.

The best way to do this: aerobic exercises that get your blood pumping and enriched with oxygen. These include but are not limited to:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Outdoor Biking
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Cycling


Heart health isn’t just about physical health. It can be about mental health, too.

Studies (like this one) show that mental states and conditions like stress, worry, and anxiety— and even anxiety disorders— can wear down on heart health without us even realizing it. It does so by increasing chronic inflammation, raising blood pressure, and (more often than not), both.

Seeking treatment, support, and/or solutions to stress and mental health conditions can help. In your own self-care routine, work on ways to minimize and manage stress in your life.

Quitting and Cutting Down

Do you drink or smoke? Indulge in too much junk food? What about sugars, processed foods, or simple carbohydrates?

All of these can cause wear and tear on the heart. It’s best to work on cutting down on these vices— or quitting them entirely.

Of course, changing habits doesn’t happen overnight. But getting started at the very least can bring improvement to your heart and make all the difference.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Healthy Dose of Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is our yearly reminder to celebrate those we love the most. We buy gifts and write sweet notes to our partners, best friends, siblings, and even our pets. But what about ourselves?

Self-love is an incredibly powerful way to take charge of your life and honor the unique person you are. Sadly, many of us struggle with showing ourselves the same love we offer others. Make this the February you shower yourself with a healthy dose of self-love!

What is Self-love?

Self-love is not selfish, self-indulgent, or narcissistic. In fact, it’s just the opposite! When we have compassion and patience for ourselves, we are much more likely to give the same to others.

More accurately, self-love is a way of honoring yourself for who you are, releasing judgement and punishment, and treating yourself with the same kindness you would treat a cherished friend. With self-love, we are more confident, relaxed, optimistic, adaptive, and even happier.

Learn to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

We all deserve a little self-love. Here’s how to honor yourself this Valentine’s Day:

Fuel Your Fire

Self-love starts with nourishment. Your body is an amazing machine, feed it the good stuff! A healthy diet that’s packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, the right fats, gut-supporting probiotics, and key vitamins will not only make for a strong body, but a happy mind as well. This Valentine’s Day, cook yourself a deliciously healthy meal and keep the habit up all year long.

Move and Groove

Treat your heart to some love this Valentine’s Day with some blood-pumping exercise. Try a heart-opening yoga sequence, a quick run, or turn up your favorite tunes and dance the night away. Exercise is good for the heart and crushes depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Invest in Your Health

Forget the chocolates and flowers – this year, buy yourself something that will really make your heart sing. An investment in your health always pays back dividends. Make an appointment with the massage therapist or naturopath you’ve been meaning to check out. Stock up on omega-3’s to protect your heart and brain. Buy a class pass to your favorite gym or studio. You deserve it!

Send Your Future Self a Love Letter

Most of us have something we don’t love about ourselves. Maybe it’s our weight, our career choices, our laugh. Whatever your sore spots are, it’s time to rewrite the story and celebrate the good. Draft an email to yourself and schedule it to send in 3-6 months. Write your future self a letter about the things you are celebrating today and a few self-love goals you’ll be taking on moving forward. This is a powerful exercise in treating yourself like a friend and will be a heart-warming surprise in a few months’ time!

Self-Love is in the Air

Shower everyone with love this Valentine’s Day – especially yourself.

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