The holiday season is a season for rich food. Come the New Year a lot of us have resolutions to get healthier, lose a few pounds, and detox from all those high-fat, sugar-laden, yet delicious goodies you’ve noshed on through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But why wait until New Year? You can stay ahead on holiday indulgence by doing a gentle, natural detox or cleanse after Thanksgiving. Here are some of the best and safest ways to do this at home.

1. Drink lots of water

Drinking water often is always a safe bet and highly recommended. Health experts recommend 7-8 glasses per day to keep you healthy, and they even recommend drinking room temperature or heated water over cold (it metabolizes better).

Besides keeping you hydrated, water does wonders for detoxing your body. It’s essential for good digestion and naturally cleansing the colon, too. You can even do what is called a “saltwater flush,” which is drinking warmed, lightly salted water twice per day on an empty stomach.

2. Eat plenty of probiotics and fermented foods

Maybe you’ve heard about probiotics, but you never knew what they were. Turns out they’re essential to a healthy gut and naturally help with detoxification and cleansing. Why? Because they’re full of body-friendly bacteria!

You need these microscopic organisms in your digestive tract to do a “self-cleaning” of your gut, as well as to help you digest and absorb nutrients. Without them you’ll experience chronic inflammation, and possibly fatigue, digestive imbalance, and a lot more.

Find them in probiotic supplements, fermented foods (like pickles), yogurt, kefir, and more.

3. Bulk up on fiber

People don’t realize that if you want to keep your gut (and gut bacteria) healthy, you’ll need to feed them!

To really do a proper cleanse requires eating plenty of fiber along with your probiotics to reap the benefits. Vegetables like celery, lettuce, and cucumbers are especially recommended for their fiber content— but also because they have high water content, too.

4. Pack in the prebiotics

You can also take “prebiotics” with your probiotics, which is basically a fancy word for fiber— soluble fiber, to be specific, and usually in supplement form.

You can take all the probiotics you want. But without fiber or prebiotics, they won’t keep your body cleansed and detoxified as they should.

Dr. Tobias Health Tip: Deep Immune Probiotics & Prebiotics contains both for the ultimate digestive aid.

5. Herbal teas and supplements

Along with good hydration, fiber, and probiotics, healing herbs add an extra boost to your natural home cleanse — and for more than a few reasons. These can help with detoxifying in either tea or supplement form.

Herbs like aloe vera, psyllium, licorice root, or slippery elm promote regularity and provide extra fiber in a pinch. Other herbs, such as cayenne or garlic, can be taken to prevent harmful microbes from creating imbalance and toxicity in your gut (often the result of too much junk food and too little healthy plant-based foods).

The body knows how to cleanse and detoxify itself — all you have to do is show it how. Even after a sumptuous celebration like Thanksgiving, with the right lifestyle changes, herbs, foods, and supplements, a natural detox or even a colon cleanse is possible right at home.

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